Fireball Pattern

Fireball Pattern
  • Inspired by a smiling glowing ball with flame for hair, a funny and malevolent figure to assemble in teddy.


  • Its measurements are:

    Height: 50

    Width:  50

    Thickness: 34

    If you want a smaller size, just reduce sheet’s scale before you print it: 80%, 70%, etc.

    The product you purchase is to arm patterns stuffed animals, not a final product is a digital product, downloadable, will not ship any physical product.

  • Patterns will be given along with a basic assembly guide, in pdf format at original size on A4 sheets, ready for you to print. You will also have online access to the color 3d modeling character, and the 3D modeling formed only by the patterns. Both will be your guide throughout the assembly process.

    Any questions please contact us in our comments section or e-mail us to

  • The patterns created by PlushSewingPatterns are for personal use only. Do not share this pattern or bands, in person, online, or by any other means. It is acceptable to make these toys for your personal use and gifts, or to sell in limited numbers if the toy is labeled/tagged with ‘Made with patterns from PlushSewingPatterns’. If you are selling the toys online - each online listing must state that the toy is made with patterns from PlushSewingPatterns.